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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Leap of Faith

Tomorrow starts a series at Journey Community Church that is becoming a tradition at Journey Community Church... Leap of Faith.  Last year I was actually a leader of a Life Group as we took on this study before Easter last year.  To be honest, I was less than enthused, almost jaded... This year, I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me, mainly because I know God has a lot planned for me.

My first leap occurred tonight.  I joined a Life Group. Yes I was the leader of a Life Group last year, but as the attendance was dwindling, we chose to merge with another group that met on the same night... needless to say, it was not a great fit for us, at this life stage. Let's not forget to mention, my daughter's dance schedule changed and it conflicted with our Life Group schedule... dance won out.  For years now I have felt a sense of disconnect... yes I could walk across the campus of Journey and say "hi" to people and know their names, but I knew that there was more, more I was not experiencing, deep friendships, people with whom to share life with.  For several years, I cringed at the idea of going to the Beach Baptism... why?  There was a real sense of feeling lonely in the crowd... yes, there were hundreds of people there, and yet I was lonely... why?   Even though I knew people there, I felt it wrong to just ask people if I could just join them... so I sat... alone... staring at my phone for lack of conversation... lonely... and yet Journey was my home for more than 18 years...  Why?  because I was not connected in a small group... Tonight, I took a leap and tried a new group which looks very promising... first sign was when my 12 year old daughter walked in and found a close church friend there... she is the one I would be concerned about being "bored" during the group... not only did she find her friend, the kids that were there were in the 9-13 age frame... perfect for them.  I walked into the room and realized that I had acquaintance with several people already in the group.  I was comfortable already... we will see where this journey will take us... Next week, Chip will be able to join me, and I cannot wait ;-)

I said before I am sensing God is wanting to do something for/in me.  I believe it is career related.  This all started back in 2000 as I was in my final month of my last semester of college.  I was doing a Bible study in the library when I felt God tugging at me to become a teacher... That was great, but my major was Business Management... So I finished my original major, then started a graduate program to get my credential... I started it, and then got pregnant with Katie... I wanted to be a full time mom so I stopped the program and for years was blessed to be a Stay-at-Home mom... After attending a Global Leadership Summit, I felt God tugging at me again, this time to be a Substitute Teacher at my kid's school.  I told myself that if I saw it in the school bulletin I would know it was a confirmation sign.  I saw it, so I put in my packet.  October 2013, I took my first class, a 2nd grade class to be exact, and I was scared, but at the end of the day, I was excited and energized.  I loved it!  I subbed for about a year and built a reputation when I was asked to take a long term job... 6 weeks to be exact.  I was so sad when it was coming to a end.  Never once at this gig did I feel like I was going to work, and I loved every minute of being there.  I believe this was once again God's prompting to take the leap to get my full credential... So I submitted my application to San Diego Christian College, got my letters of recommendation, and transcripts together.  Now I wait... still waiting for my transcripts to get there.... My leap of faith will be a smooth education path, that doors would open fully and creative financing may become available.

Needless to say, this year I am motivated to take on Leap of Faith this year... Ok God.... let's do this!

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