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Friday, June 12, 2015

Forever Young- The last day of High School

Most already know that about 2 years ago, I took a leap to become a substitute teacher for the school that my children attend.  My 2nd assignment was a the High School campus, and I wish I could say it was a wonderful experience.  Funny how all your High School insecurities can come flooding back as soon as you step foot back on a High School campus.  I had students refusing to speak English, it WAS an English class, take out their notebooks, played soccer, rode skateboards, took enormous amounts of tissues and had major attitudes... bottom line I let them see me sweat... I know would never tolerate that action but I digress... and I have had many more successful assignments there since. :-)

About a month and a half ago, I was approached with the possibility of taking a long term position for an advanced math teacher, meaning I would have  Calculus, Pre-Calculus and Trig classes as well as 2 Algebra and a music class... ummm, yeah, right... I told them I really wasn't qualified to take those classes, I mean I HAD taken the classes, but only to pass, meaning I don't remember a thing... besides it was 15+ years ago.  They wanted me badly, and told me that the teacher would teach lessons via video for the advanced classes, and that Calculus was done for the most part so that wasn't a worry.

Four weeks ago, I started.  I can't say it was an easy assignment since there were many frustrating days when I really wanted to help students understand, but couldn't.  GRIT is the code word this year for the LFCS family, and that is what it took for me and the student's to get through the remainder of the year.

Today was the last day of school at Liberty High School.  I was fine with this, it was an end to a very gritty assignment, but not without making me a stronger teacher and person.  I have now decided that my Master's degree will be in teaching Mathematics... who knew?  My last class I had to say good bye to an amazing foreign exchange student who just lit the world with his smile.  My voice cracked, he will be missed.  I walked around telling my amazing Math team teacher friends thank you for helping me make the most of a precarious situation... again my voice cracked.  As I walked off the campus for the last time this school year, I waved and smiled to many awesome students, students that I am confident will go far in their lives.  In my car, I see a bright shining student leader walk by, she is a senior, this is the last time she will walk to her car on that campus... I drive past another student, who smiles and waves at me, he was one of the rude boys who gave me heck my first assignment.  He has become an amazing respectful young man who, even though he is from another country, also will go far in life.  Just as I start thinking about how far he as come, "Forever Young" comes on my XM system... a sort of theme from my Sr. year of high school.  It hit me for whatever reason, all the emotion and excitement of ending one chapter of life and starting another.  Crazy God's timing.

To all the High School graduates, Congratulations, Good Luck and Always remember to follow your dreams!